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The Plant Microbiome is attracting the attention of research institutes and industrial organizations. While metagenomic techniques have revealed the great diversity and richness of resources of the plant microbiome, culturability is lagging very much behind. The symposium aims to bring together international experts and resources to exchange experiences and develop methods for better resolution of the plant microbiome and its in vitro culturability. The retrieval of the missing unculturables will add to the potential resources for application in tomorrow's agriculture.

International Symposium

The Plant Microbiome: Exploration of

Plant-Microbe Interactions

For Improving Agricultural Productivity


18-22 November 2018


Special Issue on Plant Microbiome

Edited by Nabil Hegazi, Anton Hartmann, Silke Ruppel

Volume 19,

Pages 1-112 (September 2019)

Assessment of the structural and functional diversities of plant microbiota: Achievements and challenges – A review

Anton Hartmann, Doreen Fischer, Linda Kinzel, Soumitra Paul Chowdhury, ... Michael Rothballer

Pages 3-13

Culturomics of the plant prokaryotic microbiome and the dawn of plant-based culture media – A review

Mohamed S. Sarhan, Mervat A. Hamza, Hanan H. Youssef, Sascha Patz, ... Nabil A. Hegazi

Pages 15-27

A review on the plant microbiome: Ecology, functions, and emerging trends in microbial application

Stéphane Compant, Abdul Samad, Hanna Faist, Angela Sessitsch

Pages 29-37

Novel insights into plant-associated archaea and their functioning in arugula (Eruca sativa Mill.)

Julian Taffner, Tomislav Cernava, Armin Erlacher, Gabriele Berg

Pages 39-48

Driving factors of epiphytic bacterial communities: A review

Rudolf O. Schlechter, Moritz Miebach, Mitja N.P. Remus-Emsermann

Pages 57-65

Phage tail-like particles are versatile bacterial nanomachines – A mini-review

Sascha Patz, Yvonne Becker, Katja R. Richert-Pöggeler, Beatrice Berger, ... Matthias Becker

Pages 75-84

An arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and a root pathogen induce different volatiles emitted by Medicago truncatula roots

Dorothée Dreher, Susanne Baldermann, Monika Schreiner, Bettina Hause

Pages 85-90

Salt stress and hydroxyectoine enhance phosphate solubilisation and plant colonisation capacity of Kosakonia radicincitans

Mauricio Cruz Barrera, Desirée Jakobs-Schoenwandt, Martha Isabel Gómez, Matthias Becker, ... Silke Ruppel

Pages 91-97

What is new and relevant for sequencing-based microbiome research? A mini-review

Alena M. Fricker, Daniel Podlesny, W. Florian Fricke

Pages 105-112

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